Rinjani Trekking Program

ROYAL RINJANI TREK Sembalun is located in Rinjani National Park, which sits at 1150 meters above sea level. Sembalun is located on the eastern side of Mount Rinjani which towers a soaring 3726 meters above sea level, and the perfect place to rest and spend the night before continuing on to trek the mountain.
Rinjani Trek program provided : Climbing to Mount Rinjani and Camping programs to Gili Kondo with excellent service, good quality trekking equipment, experienced mountain guide and friendly local porters. See in Google Map, our location  here.

view from rim senaru Rinjani Trekking Program
Climb with Royal Rinjani Trek to the highest peak on Lombok Island and most exotic and challenging volcano mountains, and enjoy the amazing culture of Sembalun Village along the way and discover the beauty and wonders of the National Park. ROYAL RINJANI TREK , with years of experience, is more than happy to invite you to join our trustful, safe and secure trekking, soft trek programs within Mount Rinjani National Park and camping or tour to Gili Kondo Island. Rinjani Trek programs is an amazing adventure, and will leave you in constant awe at the breath-taking panorama of mountain and sky which accompany you along the journey.

What you need to bring for Rinjani Trek Program Package ?

Day pack, Trekking shoes or walking shoes, Raincoat, Trek poles, Clothes easy to dry when it wet (top and trouser for walking), Personal medicine, Snack or personal food for nibble, Camera or documentation stuff, Head torch/torch with good durability, Sunhat and sun glasses, Personal toiletries

Rinjani National Park.

The park is popular for mountain climbs, trekker and represents an important nature reserve and water catchment area. The park is officially 41,330 hectares within the park boundaries and includes a further 66,000 hectares of protected forest outside. The mountain and its satellites form the Mount Rinjani National Park (Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani) – officially 41,000 hectares within the park boundaries and a further 66,000 hectares of protected forest outside. In 2008, the Indonesian government proposed to UNESCO that Mount Rinjani be one of the world’s official geoparks. If this was approved by UNESCO, Mount Rinjani would become the first such geological park in Indonesia.
Mount Rinjani has obtained the World Legacy Award from Conservation International and Traveller (2004), and was a finalist for Tourism for Tomorrow Awards (2005 and 2008) from the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC).

Sembalun Panorama Walk

This shorter our Rinjani Trek  Program will take only two hours of your time, and allows you to experience the village with a local perspective. We will explore Sembalun on foot, visiting to paddy fields, garlic plantations, local gardens and fields filled with a myriad of vegetables, fruit, and red and white rices. We will chat with farmers, giving you an opportunity to ask questions and maybe even practice your Indonesian skills.
We will then continue to the ancient village of Desa Beleq – the original village of Sembalun. There you can examine the architecture of our ancestors and listen to local myths and tales. If you are lucky you might even hear the local Gamelan group playing! After Desa Beleq we will take a beautiful, cool walk through the neighboring bamboo garden to a local house where we will watch traditional hand weaving. There, our Mothers will happily teach you traditional weaving techniques…read more

About Royal…

Royal not Only operates as a Rinjani Trek Program business, but also maintains strong links with the wider community of Sembalun and contributes greatly toward its development, 15% of profits are channeled directly towards the local Community Development Centre, or CDC Sembalun. The CDC Sembalun is Non-profit community organization located at the base of majestic Rinjani volcano, officially established in 2009 but unofficially launched long before that. Our main focus is community development through self-motivated education programs.Which have already resulted in significant change in enhancing the quality of life of the community. The programs offered at the CDC have generated new ideas and enlarged our perspectives, encompassing numerous topics such as environmental conservation, organic farming, entrepreneurship, ecotourism,  creativity and other skills.

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